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The Rebbe’s Prophecies

Anyone who studies the Rebbe’s statements throughout the years of his leadership will see that his forecasts and prophecies have always come true. On many occasions‚ the Rebbe’s predictions may have at first appeared to be impossible and unrealistic‚ but they eventually turned out to be extremely accurate.

Sources of the Rebbe’s knowledge
A world-renowned mathematics professor living in Boston used to be in close contact with the Rebbe. He often used to visit the Rebbe in person, and they would hold discussions together. The professor asked the Rebbe many questions that none of the Chassidim would ever think of bringing up. The Rebbe would also ask these questions.

The professor once asked the Rebbe how he was able to answer complicated life-and-death questions, when he didn’t know all of the finer details and had only been given a summary of the situation. The Rebbe replied, “I answer according to what is in my thoughts at that moment.”

The Chassidim later explained that the Rebbe gave up his entire existence to G-dliness, and he merited that his thoughts became connected with the sources of divine knowledge. In the sources, this is referred to as, “the Divine spirit speaks from within his throat.”

Here are some famous examples of the Rebbe’s prophecies:

The Six Day War:
On the eve of the war, when the Jews in Israel and around the world were very frightened and concerned, the Rebbe sent out messages of encouragement and support. The Rebbe wrote, “Surely the Guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep, and there will be good tidings.” Yeshiva students from abroad were instructed to remain in Israel, and the Rebbe wrote, “Do not fear, and you will not become frightened.” Four days before the war broke out, the Rebbe addressed a Lag B’Omer children’s rally, at which he promised salvation and victory for the citizens of Israel.

The Yom Kippur War:
Unlike his optimism before the Six Day War, during the months leading to the Yom Kippur the Rebbe showed signs of tension and worry. Several times, the Rebbe called for children to gather at the Western Wall, and he spoke about their power to “disable the enemy and seek revenge.” In his traditional address on the eve of Yom Kippur that year (1973), the Rebbe used the expression, “the nation of Israel will win the war.” It should be remembered that the country was in a state of relative calm that at time. However, when the war did break out, the Rebbe prophesied that this time the Arabs would have a greater defeat than in the previous war.

The immigration from Russia
In 5747/1987, the Rebbe called upon the Israeli government to prepare for a large wave of immigration from the Soviet Union. The Rebbe warned that there would be a need to build more homes and prepare workplaces for the new immigrants. The Rebbe even set up a special neighborhood in Jerusalem, near an industrial zone, “for the immigrants when they come.” No one understood what the Rebbe was referring to, and according to the experts, the reverse situation was true. However, the Rebbe held his own, and it soon became apparent that his forecast was correct.

The fall of the Soviet Union
At the beginning of 5750/1990, the Rebbe spoke about the need to prepare for the great miracles that were about to happen around the world. He explained that the Hebrew letters tav, shin, and nun that represent 5750 according to their numerical values stood for the words, tihyeh shnas nissim, “It will be a year of miracles.” The Rebbe emphasized this by saying, “these will be miracles that the entire world will witness.” He added that when these events would happen, unlike similar episodes in past history they would take place without any bloodshed.

The Gulf War
When this war broke out, everyone saw the accuracy of the Rebbe’s predictions. The Rebbe said that there would be no need to wear gas masks and that no one should leave Israel. In fact, the Rebbe even encouraged Jewish tourists to continue to visit Israel. The Rebbe declared that the land of Israel is the safest place for the Jews. Soon after the war began, he said that it would bring great salvation to the Jewish people. The amazing miracles that did occur and the neutralization of the Iraqi threat only proved the accuracy of the Rebbe’s prophecies.

Preparing for the Final Redemption
The Rebbe, whose prophecies were all completely fulfilled, announced to the Jewish nation and the entire world that the Final Redemption promised by our prophets is very close. The arrival of the Messiah is tangible, realistic, and current.

The Rebbe therefore asked every single Jew to prepare for the imminent redemption by studying the subject in depth, and praying that it should happen as soon as possible and that the pain beforehand should be minimized. As we are so close to the Final Redemption, we should increase in Torah study, mitzvah observance, and good deeds.

So far, all of the Rebbe’s prophecies have been accurate. Therefore, it is worthwhile listening to his forecasts and his call to all of us to prepare ourselves for the imminent arrival of the Messiah.

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The president of Kazakhstan presents the head shliach with a document signed by the government (in 2000) denouncing the persecution of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok.
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