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Journalists from major networks and media outlets from around the world came sunday November 8, 2015, to photograph the sea of more then four thousand rabbis wearing italian made fedoras , the black hat which is recognized around the globe as part of every Chabad rabbi's attire

The annual international convention of Chabad Lubavitch emissaries, Is the largest global convention of it's kind.  With rabbis who represent more than eighty  countries, spanning six continents and 4000 Jewish communities from the around the globe 


Once a year they all travel to Chabad Lubavitch world headquarters, located at 770 Eastern Parkway in the  Crown Heights section of Brooklyn New York


Friends and classmates who have grown up together or spent years studying in Yeshiva  together , embrace and celebrate in unity  as one large family


The inspiration and strength which each of the rabbis draws from the convention defies description. For five consecutive days , from early morning to the late hours of the night,  friends and colleagues inspire each other with friendship, advice  community leadership workshops and seminars. All with the overarching goal of strengthening Jewish heritage and continuity 


Amongst the countless encounters, stories, hugs and embraces, a unique experience took place this year in connection with Kazakhstan Jewish history


In the 1980s and 1990s it was common for pairs of young Chabad  rabbis and rabbinical students to travel to far and remote Jewish communities around the globe , to strengthen and to foster Jewish heritage, tradition and identity


One such pair of rabbinic students was sent to the Republic of Kazakhstan in the early 1990's. Rabbi Yakov Kubetchik and Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen. 


The goal of these two young energetic rabbis was to reinvigorate Jewish life in Kazakhstan. As part of the former Soviet Union,  Kazakhstan was a place were many Jews were exiled by the ruthless communist regime for their "crime" of steadfast commitment to Jewish tradition and observance 


Alma Ata Kazakhstan, has a special place in the heart of every Chabad rabbi. Tragically , in summer of 1944, the Rebbe's father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson who was exiled to Kazakhstan for his heroic Jewish leadership , returned his holy soul to his maker and his resting place is in the central cemetery of Alma Ata 


It was to  this very same city of  Alma Ata that these two young rabbinic students arrived some fifty years after the passing of the Rebbe's father, to help develop the seeds  of Jewish life which have been planted 50 years earlier with the heroic self-sacrifice of the Rebbe's saintly father and mother


Upon the arrival of Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi Kubetchik , they encountered a young impressive looking man, a local Taxi driver who was wearing a cross on his neck chain. The young Taxi driver conducted himself with a unique graciousness and kindness. His gentle kind behavior Inspired the rabbis to hire him to help them with their work



When Rabbi Kubechik -who serves today as the chief Rabbi and emissary to the city of Saratov Russia- asked the young man for his name he responded: 


My name is Slava 


Slava , wearing the cross on his neck, shocked the young rabbis when he shared with them that his mother is Jewish!


Rabbi Yakov Kubetchik Immediately explained to Slava that according to Jewish law , Slava indeed is a Jew.  Furthermore the rabbi explained, that it would be appropriate for Slava to have a proper Jewish circumcision in accordance with 4000 years of Jewish tradition 


Slava eagerly agreed. His desire to be part of 4000 years of  Jewish heritage , warmed his heart  and inspired his soul


The famous expert Mohel from Moscow, Rabbi Yeshya Shpit, boarded an airplane for  the four  hour flight to Alma Ata Kazakhstan in order to perform the circumcision 


Slava deeply appreciated what Rabbi Yakov Kubetchik has done for him, and Slava chose  the name Yakov as his own Jewish name!


Fast forwarding 20 years, Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen Is today the Rebbe's emissary and chief Rabbi of Kazakhstan 


This year is a year of "Hakhel" , which commemorates the times when the Jewish people would gather once in  seven years in the holy city of Jerusalem, to  unite as one nation and hear the king of Israel read the Torah to them and rededicate themselves and their commitment to Judaism and Torah life and observance


Rabbi Cohen and his dedicated staff and fellow colleagues, organized a grand  "Sukkot Hakhel " celebration, with the grand prize being a raffle for a free airplane ticket to  the international Chabad Lubavitch convention of the Rebbe's Shluchim-Emissaries


The raffle winner?


Yakov !


Exactly 20 years to the day of Yakov's circumcision, the seeming "random"  raffle , by divine design produced Yakov as the legitimate winner to represent with Jewish pride , the Jewish community of Alma Ata Kazakhstan  at the international convention!


In the course of these 20 years, the Rebbe's emissaries to Kazakhstan , Have successfully established vibrant Jewish communities and magnificent new beautiful synagogue centers in multiple cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan


From Alma Ata to Astana, from Karaganda to Pavlodar and Ust-Kamenogorsk, the garden of Jewish life in Kazakhstan   has blossomed


Chief Rabbi Yeshaya Cohen expressed his gratitude for the miracle of Jewish life, Jewish revival and Jewish renaissance in Kazakhstan as follows: 


" It is with the tears and self-sacrifice of the Rebbe's holy parent's, Rebbetzin Chana and Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, that we, the emissaries of their eldest son, the Rebbe, continue to successfully bring the celebration of Jewish life to every corner of the Republic of Kazakhstan"


Yakov is a living testimony !


The footsteps of Moshiach are being heard across Kazakhstan !

26 Heshvan 5776 (08/11/2015)
סגירת מעגל: השליח הרב יעקב קוביטשעק מסרטוב נפגש ב-770 עם יעקב ירושוב
סגירת מעגל: השליח הרב יעקב קוביטשעק מסרטוב נפגש ב-770 עם יעקב ירושוב
Featured photo
The president of Kazakhstan presents the head shliach with a document signed by the government (in 2000) denouncing the persecution of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok.
The president of Kazakhstan presents the head shliach with a document signed by the government (in 2000) denouncing the persecution of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok.
Featured gallery
A Gallery  of Notable Visitors to the Chabad Center in Almaty and the Tomb of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok
A Gallery of Notable Visitors to the Chabad Center in Almaty and the Tomb of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok